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Brass Cable Glands of
Various Types

Cable Gland Accessories



Cable Gland

Manufactured out of brass duly nickel plated for use in corrosive environment.

Separate cone design provides effective locking of armour. Suitable for all types of SWA cables and indoor use.


Wiping Cable Gland

Manufactured out of brass, available in various sizes as per requirement



Cable Gland Kit

Gland Pack contains all that is necessary for terminating a cable run, glands, earth tags, lock nuts, shrouds
Brass Cable Gland Upto 32mm each pack contains two glands, two earth tags, two lock nuts and two shrouds.
Brass Cable Gland For 40mm and above each pack contains one of each accessories with one gland.


PVC Shrouds

Made from high grade PVC ensure higher IP rating.
Are denoted by gland reference number
They are compatible with each gland size.

Earthing Tags

Are available from 16 mm to 75 mm in Brass.
It ensure earth continuity between the electrical equipment and the gland.

Lock Nuts

Are available in size from 16 mm to 75 mm in Brass and Galvanized Steel.
It ensure earth continuity between the electrical equipment and the gland.

Brass Cable Glands
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