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Brass Bronze Billets Rods
Copper Alloy Extrusions

Lead Ingots

Lead Ingots

Melting Point
327.43 oC
Boiling Point
1740 oC
Thermal Conductivity @ 20oC
0.083cal/( oC)
Specific Heat @ 25oC
Latent Heat Of Fusion
Brinll Hardness

Leads uses include: Battery applications, Type metal, Cable sheathing, Solders, Bearing materials, and Counter weights.


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Deep Recycling Industries (100% Export Oriented Unit) are manufacturer and exporter of Lead Ingots AND COPPER ALLOY EXTRUSION Rods (6 mm - 75 mm) in Round, Hex, Square & Flat, Sections & Profiles (As per Drawing), Hollow Rods in confirmation to different standards like IS, BS, DIN, ASTM, JIS, UNS, CEN, SABS, CSA, AS and various other International Standards of copper alloy extrusion. We import Non Ferrous Metals such as Copper Scrap, Brass Scrap, Zinc Scrap/Ingots for raw material requirements.
Brass Bronze Billets Rods
Copper Alloy Extrusions

Main Products
Brass Compression fittings
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