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Manufacturer of brass and copper goods and accessories.
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Copper fittings

Copper Fittings

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Brass electrical components , BRASS brass electrical components , brass fastners Battery  terminals, INDIA Brass Screws Brass Hex Brass Nuts brass fastners; Potential Terminals

Brass Fittings


Brass as per RoHS Compliant and WEEE directives.

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24 pole double screw neutral linkNeutral link earth barneutral link 13 way with plastic base  Brass Neutral links Neutral bars earth bar link barNeutral link Earth Bar Control Panel AccessoriesNeutral link Special
We offer brass neutral links as per customer's requirements or specifications.

Deep Recycling Industries is formed with a vision to provide engineering solutions right from design development till manufacturing various elektrotechnik components.

Deep Recycling Industries (DRI), is 100% Export Oriented Unit, established in the year 2002 by ‘VIKAS’ group and engaged in manufacturing wide range of brass parts, specialist in electrical accessories, pneumatics parts, energy meter parts, temperature sensor, , marine gland, automotive parts, Brass fasteners, precision turned components, Brass and Copper Ingots/Billets/Rods/Granules, Tube, Wire, Plates, Pipes, Electrical Accessories, specialized in 1, 2, meter neutrallink Neutral Links available in our standard Range. Any Size from 2 ways to 50 ways to 1 meter to 1.5 meter or as per custom requiremen Brass Hardware, Wiring Accessories and Components , brass anchors, wedge anchor, concrete anchor, brass inserts, brass bolts, brass washers, brass screws, brass nuts, machine screws and self tapping screws, Auto parts, Automobile battery terminals and general brass components as per customer specifications / requirements.
Manufacturers of brass turned parts to the print drawing, threaded inserts and fastening products for electronics.

DRI is well equipped with modern technology machinery running under professional management. The top management is comprised of our visionary elders and enthusiastic youngsters. We manufacture various types of Brass Electrical Accessories, Brass Neutral Links, Brass Socket Pins Electrical Parts Transformer Fitting Parts

Manufacturer and supplier of brass components to custom specifications, Deep Recycling Industries manufactures electrical parts, lock parts, energy meter parts, precision- turned parts, rivets, screw nut and bolts, switch parts, various type of anchors, forged bolts, Single Barb Elbow, Compressor Female Elbow, Compressor Male Brand -T Messing neutral Links Messing-Einsätze, elektrische messing precisie Electrical , brass ppr inserts fittings

Manufacturer of neutral links and terminal blocks up to 1 metre length are available. We also manufacture 4 way and 8 way brass neutral links and terminal blocks we also make terminal block in tin and nickle plated. We offer brass neutral links and terminal blocks for all types of panel board switch gears and electrical switch boards electrical wiring accessories nut bolt anchor rivets all type of micro precision fasteners Multi Connector Terminals Blocks

Neutral link
Industrial Terminal Bar
Pcb Mount Terminal Block
Plugable Terminal Block
Brass HRC fuse
Brass Electrical Parts
Brass Neutral link
Brass Earthing Equipment Brass Earthing
Multi Pole Connectors

Earth Road, Brass Electrical Components, Brass Fasteners, Brass Nut Bolt Brass Components

Reasons To Use Brass Products :

Brass Offers Good Corrosion Resistance From Water and Heat and Resists Attack From Salt Water and Acids, Minerals and Peaty Soils Contained in Water. Relative Softness of Metal Provides for a Tight Seal and Ease of Installation. Brass Offers Many of the Same Advantages of Copper, With a Heavier Wall.

Characteristics of Brass Products:

Brass = Cu3Zn2 Brass Is Utilized Primarily for Water in Commercial Plumbing and OEM Applications, but Is Also Used in Oil, Gas and Steam Applications. Brass Piping Products Were Specified in Commercial Codes Prior to the Advent of Copper Tubing and Fittings - Therefore, There is Excellent Demand for Maintenance and Repair Purposes Throughout the Northeast. Although the Product Lines Are Very Mature, Many OEM's and Municipalities Are Changing From Traditional Malleable Iron and Galvanized Applications to Brass Because of Longevity and Due to Superior Corrosion Resistances and Aesthetics.

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